Club B90 Regulations

  1. This Regulation defines the terms and conditions of participation in events organized at B90 Club located at Doki 1 Street in Gdańsk, on the site of the former Gdańsk Shipyard.
  2. This Regulation has been prepared on the basis of the applicable laws and regulations.
  3. This Regulation has been issued by the Event Organizer – Sopocka Odessa, headquartered at Boh. Monte Cassino 54 Street, 81-759 Sopot, with tax identification number (NIP) 585 133 63 52 and registry number (REGON) 810475070 (hereinafter referred to as the “Organizer”).
  4. Entry onto the Event grounds implies familiarity with and acceptance of this Regulation.
  5. The following definitions apply to terms used in this Regulation:
    1. Ticket – the right to participate in the Event, exchanged by the Organizer for a Band.
    2. Band – an individual identifier exchanged for a Ticket.
    3. Event grounds – the place where the Event will take place (B90 Club, Doki 1 Street, Gdańsk).
    4. Facility regulations – conditions of presence and use of the facility, including any equipment located there, as well as a prohibition on entering areas not intended for the public, issued by the facility owner.
    5. Safety Manager – the individual appointed by the Organizer representing them in ensuring the safety of Event participants.
    6. Information service – individuals under the authority of the Safety Manager, appointed by the Organizer, possessing the appropriate identifier issued by the Organizer.
    7. Security service – individuals appointed by the Organizer and under the authority of the Safety Manager, possessing a valid license for physical protection workers referred to in Article 26 or 27 of the Act of 22 August 1997 on the Protection of persons and property (Journal of Laws of 2005, No. 145, item 1221, as amended), and have a proper identifier issued by the Organizer.
    8. Participant – a natural person entitled to participate in the Event who possesses a valid Ticket.
    9. EU Covid Certificate – A document issued to individuals who have received the required doses of COVID-19 vaccine, available for download after logging into the Internet Patient Account (https://pacjent.gov.pl/) or in the mObywatel app.

All provisions of this Regulation relating to the EU Covid Certificate also apply to national vaccination certificates.

§ 2. Entry to the Event Area
  1. Entry to the Event is granted to individuals with a valid form of identification, a ticket, and who are at least 18 years old.
  2. Individuals with a Health Pass Ticket are required to show a European Covid Certificate before entering the Event area.
  3. Individuals who are 13 years old (but not yet 18) on the day of the concert may enter the concert with written consent from their parents or legal guardians. The consent form can be found on the club regulations website. Individuals who are not yet 13 years old may enter the concert only under the supervision of an adult designated by parents or legal guardians and with their written consent. The consent form can be found on the club regulations website.
  4. The participant acknowledges that the Organizer may request proof of identity from the participant.
  5. The participant acknowledges that upon the first entry to the Event, the ticket is exchanged by the Organizer for a wristband that is permanently attached to the participant’s wrist. Only one person may use the wristband. Removing the wristband from the wrist is equivalent to resigning from the Event. The Organizer only replaces the wristband if it was damaged or torn off at the Event area.
  6. The Organizer may refuse entry to individuals:
    1. without a ticket or wristband,
    2. without a valid form of identification,
    3. under the influence of alcohol or drugs,
    4. wearing clothing that hinders recognition (such as a balaclava),
    5. whose behavior disrupts order, is aggressive, or otherwise threatens safety and order of the Event.
  7. The Organizer provides:
    1. compliance with requirements specified, in particular, in building law regulations, sanitary regulations, and fire protection regulations,
    2. participation of security services, information services, and the head of these services responsible for security, 
    3. sanitary facilities,
    4. designated evacuation routes and roads allowing access for rescue services and Police vehicles,
    5. conditions for establishing communication between entities participating in securing the Event,
    6. firefighting equipment and extinguishing agents necessary to secure the Event in terms of rescue and firefighting actions,
    7. separated rooms for services leading the security of the Event.
§ 3. Ticket Sales
  1. Participants without valid tickets can purchase them at the event ticket booths.
  2. Tickets are available in two categories: General admission and Health Pass Ticket. Health Pass Tickets are for individuals who will possess a valid EU Covid Certificate on the day of attendance to the event.
  3. Purchasing a Health Pass Ticket does not require proof of an EU Covid Certificate. However, every participant must certify that they possess an EU Covid Certificate during the purchase process and present it upon entry to the event area.
  4. The seller has the right to verify possession of an EU Covid Certificate for Health Pass Ticket holders at the event entrance. Failure to possess a valid EU Covid Certificate may result in refusal of entry due to the maximum number of places available for unvaccinated persons, in accordance with applicable laws.
  5. Verification of possession of an EU Covid Certificate will be done by presenting the QR code in the mObywatel application or by printing it from the Patient Internet Account along with proof of identity.
  6. General admission tickets do not require possession of an EU Covid Certificate.
  7. In the case of personalized tickets, the information indicated on the ticket must match the data resulting from the EU Covid Certificate as well as the customer’s proof of identity.
  8. The ticket purchaser may pay with cash or by credit/debit card.
  9. Participants are informed that the number of tickets available at the event ticket booths is limited.
  10. Participants are notified that according to article 133, section 1 of the Offences Code, anyone who acquires admission tickets to artistic, entertainment or sporting events for the purpose of resale for profit, or who sells such tickets for profit, is subject to imprisonment, community service or a fine.
§ 4. Organizational and Orderly Rules Applicable at the Event Site
  1. Participants of the event are required to comply with the orders and instructions of the Security Services.
  2. Security Services, who have an identifier issued by the Organizer and located in a visible place, are authorized, in accordance with the provisions of the law, to:
    1. verify and confirm the entitlement to participate in the event, and in the event of a lack of such entitlement – call for them to leave the event;
    2. identify Participants for the purpose of establishing their identity;
    3. inspect the contents of Participants’ baggage and clothing, in the event of suspicion that Participants are bringing or have items referred to in paragraph 4 below;
    4. issue security orders to Participants who disrupt public order or behave in a manner inconsistent with the Regulations or the Regulations of the facility or venue, and in the event of non-compliance with such orders – call for them to leave the event;
    5. apprehend, to promptly transfer to the Police, individuals posing a direct threat to property protected, as well as individuals committing prohibited acts.
    6. use physical force in the form of restraining grips and similar protection techniques if the property entrusted is endangered, or to repel an attack on a representative of the Security Services or another person, in accordance with the rules laid down in Article 38 of the Act of August 22, 1997, on the protection of persons and property (Journal of Laws No. 114, item 740, as amended).
  3. Participants of the event are obliged to behave in a manner that does not endanger the safety of others, especially to comply with the provisions of the event Regulations.
  4. Participants are prohibited from bringing and possessing on the event grounds:
    1. weapons or other dangerous objects,
    2. explosives, fireworks,
    3. flammable materials,
    4. alcoholic beverages,
    5. narcotic substances or psychotropic substances,
    6. food and any fluids and beverages,
    7. closed packages and shipments,
    8. professional equipment for image and/or sound recording (to take photos at the concert – accreditation for photographers can be obtained by contacting media@b90.pl).
  5. On the event grounds it is prohibited:
    1. to bring animals,
    2. to enter with bicycles, roller skates or skateboards,
    3. to conduct any commercial, advertising, acquisition activities or fundraising without the consent of the Organizer,
    4. to enter or pass through structures and devices not intended for public use (such as fences, walls, masts, poles, roofs);
    5. to enter areas not intended for viewers (e.g., backstage, official premises);
    6. to throw any objects;
    7. to write on buildings, walls, devices, roads, or paint and paste things on them;
    8. to litter the event area.
  6. The Participant acknowledges that alcoholic beverages will be sold, served and consumed at the event.
  7. The sale, serving, and consumption of alcoholic beverages will take place only in designated areas.
§ 5. Rights and Obligations of Event Participants
  1. Participants who violate safety and order regulations at the event will be held liable for administrative and criminal offenses.
  2. Participants who violate the provisions of these Regulations will be removed from the event or handed over to the police.
  3. The participant acknowledges that in the event of removal from the event site in accordance with the provisions of these Regulations or the provisions of the Act, the participant is not entitled to a refund of the ticket fee, costs of arriving at the event, or any other claims.
  4. The participant acknowledges that:
    1. Failure to comply with an order issued by the Organizer or Security or Information Services based on the Act or Regulations may result in arrest, restriction of liberty, or a fine.
    2. Anyone carrying or possessing weapons, other dangerous objects, explosive materials, pyrotechnic products, or other fire hazard materials at the event may be subject to arrest or restriction of liberty.
  5. Event participants are obliged to comply with social distancing rules, in accordance with applicable regulations, guidelines or recommendations of relevant government administration bodies, as well as the Organizer’s Guidelines on epidemic safety.
  6. Event participants should avoid staying at the event site in case of feeling unwell or experiencing symptoms of illness (elevated body temperature, dry cough).
§ 6. Complaints
  1. Event participants may file complaints within 14 days from the end of the event. The complaint should be submitted in writing to the Organizer’s address.
  2. The written complaint should include the participant’s full name, exact address, and signature, as well as a detailed description and reason for the complaint.
  3. The Organizer will inform the participant in writing about the outcome of the complaint procedure.
  1. Trademarks, names, descriptions, or logos used during the Event are protected by law.
  2. This Regulation is available on the website www.b90.pl.
  3. In matters not regulated, applicable laws shall be applied, particularly the Act.
  4. The Regulation may be changed by the Organizer at any time and comes into effect on the day it is published on the website www.b90.pl.
  5. Any disputes arising from the implementation of the provisions of this Regulation shall be resolved by a court of general jurisdiction, whose jurisdiction shall be determined in accordance with the provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure of November 17, 1964 (Journal of Laws of 1964, No. 43, item 296, as amended).

Rules and regulations for a mass event

Based on Article 6 Section 3 of the Act of 20 March 2009 on Mass Events Security (i.e. Journal of Laws of 2019, item 2171), hereinafter referred to as the “Act”, this regulation for the mass event is introduced:


  1. The regulations apply to mass events (as defined in Article 3 of the Act) organized on the premises of Club B90 (hereinafter “B90”), i.e. property comprising plot number 160 from land registry 68, address: Doki 1 in Gdańsk, for which the Gdańsk-Północ District Court in Gdańsk keeps the land register under number GD1G/00089887/1.
  2. The mass event is organized by Ewa Hronowska, doing business under the name SOPOCKA ODESSA Ewa Hronowska at ul. B. Monte Cassino 54 in Sopot (81-754), with tax identification number: 5851336352, email address: info@spatif.sopot.pl.
  3. People who have turned 13 years old by the day of the mass event are allowed to enter the premises. People who have turned 13 years old may only participate in the mass event by presenting written consent from their legal guardians before entering. A consent form can be found on the B90 Club website.
  4. People who haven’t turned 13 years old by the day of the mass event can only enter the premises under the supervision of an adult designated by their legal guardians, with their written consent. A consent form can be found on the B90 Club website.
  5. The regulations are available on the Organizer’s website (https://b90.pl/) and in the form of posters posted at the entrances to the premises.
  6. The regulations define the Organizer’s rights and obligations, as well as the conditions of participation and behavior rules for participants of the mass event.
  7. The term “information service” refers to persons subject to the head of security designated by the Organizer.
  8. The term “order service” refers to persons subject to the head of security designated by the Organizer, entered on the list of qualified physical security personnel referred to in Article 26 of the Act of August 22, 1997, on the protection of persons and property.


  1. The Organizer of the mass event is responsible for safety.
  2. Access to the mass event premises is ticketed.
  3. The ticket mentioned in paragraph 2 is valid only with a document confirming the identity of the ticket-holder.
  4. Tickets for the mass event are personalized and cannot be transferred or resold.
  5. The Organizer may record the course of the mass event, and in particular, the behavior of those participating in it, using devices registering images and sounds and provide the materials obtained in this way to the appropriate law enforcement authorities in cases provided by law.


  1. The participant of the mass event is obliged:
    1. not to disrupt public order;
    2. to comply with the provisions of these regulations and the regulations of the facility, as well as the provisions of Acts;
    3. to have and present every time, upon request of order and information services, the document allowing entry and stay at the event and an identification document;
    4. not to pose a threat to the safety of other people present at the mass event;
    5. to follow the orders of the order and information services, and in the event of an intervention by authorized services and authorities, to obey their orders.
  2. Due to the epidemic caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, it is forbidden to participate in the mass event for people who have contracted Covid -19 or show symptoms of SARS-CoV-2 infection.
  3. The participant of the mass event acknowledges that participation in the mass event entails the risk of contracting Covid-19 and releases the Organizer from any liability arising from this.
  4. The participant of the mass event is obliged to cover their mouth and nose while being indoors.


  1. Access to the mass event is prohibited for people:
    1. for whom a ban on entering mass events has been issued, or an obligation to refrain from being present in places where mass events are held;
    2. impeding the identification of persons entitled to participate in the mass event by order and information services;
    3. who do not identify themselves at the request of information and order services to determine their identity;
    4. refusing to have their luggage and clothing checked in case of suspicion that these people carry or possess items such as weapons or other dangerous items, explosives, pyrotechnic products, fire-hazardous materials, alcoholic beverages, intoxicating substances, or psychotropic substances;
    5. not following the order or behaving contrary to the regulations of the mass event or regulations of the facility;
    6. under the visible influence of alcohol, drugs, psychotropic substances, or other similar substances;
    7. behaving aggressively, provocatively, or in a way that poses a threat to public safety or order;
    8. under 13 years old and not accompanied by an adult person.
  2. During the mass event, it is forbidden in particular to:
    1. use clothing elements or items designed to cover the face to prevent identification (except for masks);
    2. proclaim or display slogans of obscene, offensive, vulgar, racist content;
    3. throw objects;
    4. bring, possess, or consume alcohol outside places designated for this purpose by the Organizer;
    5. use intoxicants or psychotropic substances;
    6. use physical violence or make threats against other participants of the mass event.
  3. It is prohibited to bring and possess at the mass event:
    1. weapons, ammunition, and other dangerous items that can be used as weapons;
    2. explosives, pyrotechnic products, and substances with similar effects, as well as any fire-hazardous materials;
    3. intoxicants, psychotropic substances, or other similar substances;
    4. materials containing racist, offensive, political, xenophobic, or vulgar content;
    5. containers for spraying gas, corrosive or staining substances;
    6. advertising materials, except those for which written consent of the Organizer is obtained;
    7. bringing animals, except guide dogs.
  4. The above list of items whose entry to mass events is prohibited is not exhaustive. In case of doubts regarding an item being brought to the mass event, the information or order service has the right to indicate other items as disallowed and refuse to admit them to the mass event.
  5. The Organizer reserves the right to refuse permission to bring cameras, photographic devices, or similar equipment recording sound or images, as well as devices used for commercial purposes transmitting pictures, sounds, and descriptions of events over the Internet.
  6. Without the Organizer’s consent, recording the course of the event or its parts using image or sound recording devices, as well as bringing and possessing such devices during the event, are prohibited.
  7. During the event, the participants of the mass event may be exposed to strong light or sound stimuli with intensity allowed by law, significantly higher than those normally encountered in daily life. People suffering from migraines and other ailments that may worsen by these stimuli make their own decision to participate in the event and cannot make any claims against the Organizer for that reason.
  8. Entering places not intended for the public is prohibited.


  1. The participant of the mass event has the right to:
    1. information on the location of medical, information, gastronomic, and sanitary points, as well as facilities and safety requirements specified by the Organizer or rescue services;
    2. use devices, including those from the sanitary facility, made available for public use, in a manner consistent with their intended use;
    3. use medical assistance at the mass event if needed;
    4. notify the Organizer without delay about information and any claims regarding damages incurred by the participant during the mass event.


  1. Entering the facility is tantamount to consenting to the use of one’s image for marketing, advertising, and promotional purposes.
  2. People who disturb public order or behave contrary to the regulations of the mass event may be removed from the premises.
  3. In the cases specified in the Act on the Safety of Mass Events, the Organizer’s services are entitled to detain, in order to immediately hand over to the Police, people who pose a direct threat to the property entrusted with protection, and people who commit forbidden acts.
  4. In the event of the participant’s detention by the information or order services due to the violation of these regulations, the Organizer of the mass event reserves the right to temporarily detain and/or block the document allowing entry to the mass event.
  5. The Organizer reserves the right to:
    1. pursue claims for damage caused by the participant of the mass event;
    2. change the regulations, which come into force on the day of publication of the change in the manner indicated in §1 paragraph 4 of the regulations.