Oczi Cziorne

Oczi Cziorne

Oczi Cziorne

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The band was formed at the end of the eighties as part of a local cultural phenomenon called the Gdańsk Alternative Scene. At that time, Oczi Cziorne was made up by girls alone – it might be said it was the first typical girls band; girls sang, performed and composed. Over the years, the band staged in many places in Poland and abroad.

Throughout their stage and music career, Oczi Cziorne went into hibernation several times. In such cases, they usually were handling their life situations. Over the years, the band`s line-up changed several times as well. Eventually, ladies decided to take advantage of men`s support. From then on, they had a pleasure to collaborate with many male music personalities such as: Tomek Sowiński, Wojtek Mazolewski, Jacek Olter, Olo Walicki, Mikołaj Trzaska, Antoni Ziut Gralak and a Cracow poet – Marcin Świetlicki.

In 2001, Oczi Cziorne released their debut album, which was widely acknowledged by both fans and critics and was nominated to Fryderyk Award 2001.

Lo and behold, after 25 years since their first gig, 13 years since the debut album release and 4 years since the band was reactivated, Oczi Cziorne finished recording and their second album ‘AOEIUX’ is ready to be released.

The album comprises 10 original songs recorded by Andrzej Izdebski at the Warsaw IZIPHONICS studio. Definite sound, mixing and mastering was done by Gdansk guitarist and producer, Piotr Pawlak.

This time, a renowned jazz saxophonist, Irek Wojtczak, and performer, multimedia artist, Marek Rogulski ‘Rogulus’, made their guest appearance on that album.

Songs recorded on the album keep distinctive sound of the band: it`s still a blend of jazz, swing, pop and the theatrical avant-garde. It`s also still acoustic universe and still remarkable poetic lyrics.


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